This video which demonstrates the capabilities of 3D modeling when combined with the latest technology in 3D scanning and software.



This is a video of a building information model of the first floor steel and mechanicals of the new Gateway Community College in downtown New Haven.

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Existing Conditions Drawings

We utilize the latest technology available to deliver the most accurate and comprehensive existing conditions base documentation. The CAD drawings we develop provide a critical baseline for our clients’ projects and help to improve quality and reduce project costs.

We provide Architects, Engineers, Developers & Real Estate Professionals and Facility & Property Managers with drawings that are relevant to their unique project goals:

  • Floor Plans
  • Building & Wall Sections
  • Roof Plans
  • Interior Elevations
  • Ceiling Plans
  • Exterior Elevations
  • Architectural Details


3D Model Of Architectiural Mock Up Wall 


3-D Models & BIM

Building Information Models (BIM) are revolutionizing the way Construction and Design Professionals perform and deliver their work. The ability to aproach projects 3-dimensionally adds "intelligence" to drawings and will dramtically improve project coordination.. We can transition existing 2-D CAD drawings into BIM, or develop a 3-D model directly from the start of a new project. We also have the ability to combine existing BIM models ,on various platforms, into one single platform comprehensive model.




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