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J. Edwards Associates, LLC. is Connecticut’s go-to land survey consultant and service provider. From surveying and GIS to safety and legal, we offer all of the essential services when it comes to land surveying.

Importance of Land Surveying


Our professional land surveyors should be the first people on any construction site in Connecticut. They will take accurate measurements before the construction project starts to ensure that all buildings, roads, and other structures fit within the space.


Our Services


  • Accident surveys - engineering, traffic, and architectural
  • Aerial topographic mapping and ortho photos
  • ALTA Title Insurance surveys for financing purposes
  • Base mapping and inventory surveys
  • Boundary surveys for land swaps or boundary disputes
  • Construction layout and staking
  • Geodetic control surveys
  • Hydrographic surveys
  • Land Surveying
  • Lot line staking
  • Property line staking (for new fences, landscaping, etc.)
  • Property line surveys and topographic mapping
  • Property line surveys for boundary disputes
  • Staking and grading of roadways, parking lots, and curbs
  • Topographic surveys for architectural design and landscaping
  • Utility surveys

Permits, Planning, and On-site project management

  • Accurate layout of column lines for metal framed buildings
  • Certified Plot Plans for building permits for additions and new construction
  • Condominium conversion plans
  • Deformation Monitoring
  • Easements and rights-of-way research
  • Floor plans and floor elevation determination
  • Scenic Road permits
  • Settlement and deformation monitoring
  • Site/civil design
  • Subcontractor services
  • Subdivision plans
  • Variance plans and filings




  • GIS base mapping for facilities management
  • GIS maintenance and specific application development
  • GIS support and data accumulation
  • GPS services (Survey-grade, dual frequency receivers, RTK)
  • Survey-grade, dual frequency GPS services

Safety & Legal


  • Adverse possession claims
  • As-built certifications
  • Control establishment and preparation of DTM's for use with electronic machine control
  • Easements and rights-of-way research
  • Expert Witness review and testimony for engineering and land surveying projects
  • FEMA Flood Elevation Certificates and LOMA's (Letter of Map Amendment)
  • Flood insurance issues including FEMA Elevation Certificates and LOMA's
  • Title Insurance surveys
  • Wharf limits, bulkhead line and harbor line determinations
  • Zoning compliance issues

For questions regarding our land surveying consultations or services, please feel free to contact us—speak with one of our professional land surveyors today.




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